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practically adv
1 almost; "he was practically the only guest at the party"
2 (degree adverb used before a noun phrase) for all practical purposes but not completely; "much the same thing happened every time" [syn: much]

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  1. In practice, in effect. Not necessarily officially the case but what actually occurs.
  2. almost, not completely


almost, not completely

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

about, advantageously, advisably, all but, almost, appropriately, approximately, approximatively, as good as, as much as, at bottom, basically, clearly, congruously, conveniently, decently, desirably, effectively, effectually, efficiently, essentially, expediently, feasibly, fitly, fittingly, for practical purposes, functionally, fundamentally, generally, generally speaking, handily, in effect, in essence, in round numbers, just about, matter-of-factly, morally, more or less, most, much, nearabout, nigh, opportunely, profitably, properly, rationally, realistically, reasonably, rightly, roughly, roughly speaking, roundly, say, seasonably, sensibly, serviceably, simply, sortably, suitably, to advantage, to good effect, to good use, to profit, usefully, virtually, well-nigh
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